Being seen by customers in the digital world is the most important thing in growing your business.

We are a passionate full-service digital marketing agency specializing in PPC, SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production and Marketing Strategy. We pride ourselves on creating a bright future of your company.

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We enhance brand awareness of your brand on social media channels, these will mirror your business goals, target market, making...

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We increase the presence of your website on organic search pages through technical and creative elements to improve ranking, drive...

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Marketing Strategy

We create and develop a marketing strategy for your company to succeed at understanding your customers.

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Web Design

We custom build websites to meet your businesses specific needs

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Video Production

We produce promotional films and enjoy story telling, film-making and supporting the people who trust us to communicate their brand.

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We help our clients to use paid advertisement and set up campaigns in the most efficient way.

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Case studies

Kiwi Education

Kiwi Education - is one of our big projects, which has been launched from a scratch in 2013 and became a well-known brand of one of the leading companies on the market.

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Kiwi Immigration

Kiwi Immigration Kiwi Immigration is an immigration consulting centre and one of our start-ups launched in 2018. Along with a  reliable licensed immigration adviser we decided to boost this business.   Marketing strategy A step by step implementation plan was...

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Video Production

Watch our video production portfolio. We produce promotional films and enjoy storytelling, film-making and supporting people and brands.

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Digital marketing is a fast growing and evolving business. Specialists are always in demand and no self-respecting company can do without proper marketing support. We are fans of digital technology and marketing, so we know perfectly well what kind of path each specialist passes until they reach the appropriate professional level. We like to help grow and develop others, so we are always happy to share our opinion about how to become a Qualified Digital Marketer.Join the exciting world of digital marketing! Learn, work and become a popular and highly paid specialist!

About us

We are not the largest agency in New Zealand but we are a specialised team that focus on meeting your businesses needs. We do not have hidden prices, commissions and interests. All our reports are transparent because we respect the resources of our customers. Similarly, our experience constantly grows as the sphere of digital marketing grows and develops every day in the modern world.

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Russian Conference “Business in New Zealand”

Русскоязычная Конференция «Ведение Бизнеса в Новой Зеландии». Октябрь 2019. ВИДЕО, итоги, затраты, детали, впечатления. 19 октября 2019 года в Окленде состоялась бизнес конференция для всех русскоязычных людей, заинтересованных в бизнесе...

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Top-5 best marketing programs in New Zealand

Top-5 best marketing programs in New Zealand Marketing and in particular Digital Marketing are very popular and demanding fields to study nowadays. It is not surprising, that marketing is one...

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