Our team

We are not the largest agency in New Zealand but we are a specialised team that focus on meeting your businesses needs. Our goal is to be the most respected and authoritative digital marketing company.

Ed Scherban

SEO Specialist

I am a SEO specialist with more than 6 years of industry experience in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Originally from Ukraine, I worked with small, medium and large scale businesses in both agency and client side. My strengths are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing, analytics, and conversion rate optimization. With a background in software development and digital media, I have a passion for optimizing digital marketing campaigns to achieve business goals.

Natalia Volodina

Marketing Manager

When I received my degree in Marketing from Siberian University, I decided never to give up on it, I reckon it was love. I started my career in an advertising agency where I gained a great deal of experience in all forms of marketing communication. I then worked successfully as a marketing specialist for 5 years around Russia. I am a motivated marketing professional with 7 years of experience in digital and event marketing. I am skilled, creative and innovative and I always try to discover new ways to experience Marketing. The World is changing and I am on the transition team. I believe a positive attitude creates more miracles than any other thing, because life it is not how you make it, it is more how you take it.

Azat Zalyaev

Digital Marketing Specialist

I have 5 years’ experience in Digital Marketing with deep expertise in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Advertising. After graduating my Master program in Marketing at Higher School of Economics, I started my career in digital marketing at Yandex – the largest search engine company in Russia. Then I worked as IT-project manager and digital marketing manager in a consulting agency and as a digital traffic manager in Scentbird – one of the largest subscription-based company in the US. Created and implemented a digital marketing strategy for few startups based in the UK, Malta and Russia. What I love in digital marketing are consistency, measurability and continuous development. It’s never boring and there is always something to learn here.

Linda Lazarus

Digital Marketing Specialist

I am a born and bred kiwi. I was forced into taking Business Studies in college and this is where I found a love of marketing. I studied Marketing and Management at Auckland University of Technology and throughout my studies worked for one of New Zealands largest retailers for over a decade. I changed job roles throughout the company as I advanced my skills and career and become an online promotional specialist, which here I found my love of digital.  I decided to pursue my dreams and have just completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing and am eager to apply my knowledge I have learnt.

Dennis Vlasin


I started my professional education in Russia, studying computer science and management.
Later I worked hard marketing and the development of a variety of brands in Eastern Siberia and Moscow. For a while I got some experience in the field of tourism and business development in South-East Asia, and then headed an office of a tourist agency in Moscow. Here, in New Zealand, I’ve been doing marketing, brand management and direct work with clients for more than a year.
I like to work, create, and discover new horizons. I love professionalism, and therefore I am very demanding on myself. In a business relationship and partnership, I value honesty and competence. I am a very sociable person, I am always open to negotiations and am happy to help people who need help.

Vitaly Unzhakov


My experience sometimes leads me into thinking about the subject, “Do I remember everything?”. Since graduation, I have worked in various positions in a variety of fields, the most memorable was and remains the experience of working in television, which has radically changed my life and now I can not imagine my life without this fascinating affair.
I have always admired people who, despite any difficulties and even losses, continue their business, emitting a huge amount of energy. This resonates with me, because without overcoming difficulties there are no achievements.