Video Production

We produce promotional films and enjoy story telling, film-making and supporting the people who trust us to communicate their brand.

Video Production

Facebook and YouTube dominate the social media landscape in New Zealand. Videos are one of the most effective ways of grabbing an audience’s attention, tell them your story and key messages and depending on what your goals and objectives are, meet them.

The type of videos we do is promotional, content marketing, sales conversion, internal communications, corporate and training. Each is unique and are created differently. For promotional videos, we will express your brand, create awareness for your products and services, push conversions and create compelling, engaging content for your audiences. With content marketing videos we will stimulate interest in your products/services by creating share-worthy videos that make viewers want to act. Sales conversions videos will sell the benefits of your products/services you offer.  Internal communication videos will engage and inspire your teams and the culture in the business to improve morale and behaviours. Training videos will be informative and captivating making those watches take notice. We achieve these through storytelling, ensuring the right type of structure is used, researching creative ideas making sure no concept is missed, ensuring this ties in with your goals and objectives and portrays your key messages, filming is done ensuring the right cast, location, best equipment, story and script are used. We then edit the video to ensure a high-quality video is produced.

Our package costs vary and can cater to your needs and budget.

As with all our services we get to know your business, brand and products/ services as well as your target market. We want to know your audience to understand what they want to see and what will drive them to your conversion. By understanding your audience we can understand what will persuade them to act and think.


Internet users and their expectations are growing everyday. A website should provide the best user experience for it’s visitors to convert them into customers. Putting yourself into your visitors shoes can identify what areas of your website can be improved. We can provide a report that analyses your website on all aspects of digital marketing. Please fill in your details and our team will prepare the audit for you. If that is not quick enough, contact us directly on
+64 22 150 9370 or visit us at Unit GF, 238 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand