We help our clients to use paid advertisement and set up campaigns in the most efficient way.

97% of online experiences start with a search engine with 41% of those going to the top three paid advertising. PPC marketing helps to achieve this through making data-driven decisions, continually optimising campaigns and looking at your entire sale funnel to help turn visits into sales.

What does Pay-per-click do?

There are many different names for Pay-per-click such as PPC, SEM and Google Ads advertising. There are also many types of pay per click such as display advertising, remarketing PPC advertising, social media advertising, price comparison and website advertising and affiliate advertising. The most popular form of PPC is search engine ads on engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Paid advertising involves a lot of preparation and research such as researching and selecting the right keywords, portraying the key messages to grab viewers attention, organising keywords into campaigns and ad groups, bid costs, timing of when you want your ads to be seen, location targeting and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimal for converting. The overall goal is to get your paid ad to the top of the paid advertising and get the attention of your audience and direct them to your website.


All business functions need to be tracked and measured. This is to determine if and what adjustments need to be made on campaigns and how to utilise all opportunities. Having a cost per acquisition will need to be determined to measure if the results are acceptable. PPC can help with creating brand awareness and optimise conversions however should not be used as a long term strategy for growth.

Smart Reporting & Analysis

We want you to be able to understand what is being done and how everything is tracking by providing up to date, relevant reports so you are able to know how your money is being spent and what conversions it has brought in. Understanding your reports such as costs, conversion tracking, traffic and impressions, click-through rate, geographical information, device type performance, average positions and top-performing ads and keywords helps let you understand your digital performance.

PPC Services Company

We have knowledgeable and helpful staff who are certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. We are constantly upskilling to make sure our practices are relevant, efficient and effective for your campaigns. Our team has years of experience both nationally and internationally to ensure your success.

A proactive approach

As we regularly monitor campaigns and results you can have peace of mind that your campaigns are well looked after. We provide feedback and act promptly as challenges and opportunities arise.


Internet users and their expectations are growing everyday. A website should provide the best user experience for it’s visitors to convert them into customers. Putting yourself into your visitors shoes can identify what areas of your website can be improved. We can provide a report that analyses your website on all aspects of digital marketing. Please fill in your details and our team will prepare the audit for you. If that is not quick enough, contact us directly on
+64 22 150 9370 or visit us at Unit GF, 238 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand