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Greetings from our team

6 Jun 2018

Hello everyone, We warmly welcome you to our Kiwi Business website. I would like to introduce us to you personally. My name is Dennis and I’m a founder of Kiwi...

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Russian Conference “Business in New Zealand”

28 Oct 2019

Русскоязычная Конференция «Ведение Бизнеса в Новой Зеландии». Октябрь 2019. ВИДЕО, итоги, затраты, детали, впечатления. 19 октября 2019 года в Окленде состоялась бизнес конференция для всех русскоязычных людей, заинтересованных в бизнесе...

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Top-5 best marketing programs in New Zealand

28 Nov 2018

Top-5 best marketing programs in New Zealand Marketing and in particular Digital Marketing are very popular and demanding fields to study nowadays. It is not surprising, that marketing is one...

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Kiwi Business in a Marketing World

17 Jun 2018

Here at Kiwi Business we offer a range of different services such as professional design, branding, online advertising, SEO and marketing strategies. We help assist whether you are wanting to...

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