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Digital Marketing is a fast-growing and evolving business. Specialists are always in demand and no self-respecting company can do without proper marketing support. We are fans of digital technology and marketing, so we know perfectly well what kind of path each specialist passes until they reach the appropriate professional level. We like to help grow and develop others, so we are always happy to share our opinion about how to become a Qualified Digital Marketer. Join the exciting world of digital marketing! Learn, work, become a popular and highly paid specialist.

Digital marketing is based on data. Everything can be measured, evaluated and analyzed for effectiveness. At the same time, there is a lot of creative work, for example, producing videos or banners, choosing images or copywriting. In a Digital marketing career, there are many opportunities for people with technical skills, who have a background in business, and as well as for creative individuals.

Professions in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a relatively young industry, but at the same time, there are many directions of developing in it. It’s common to see a variety of online marketing job titles on job search websites in New Zealand.

Let’s see on the main job titles and what they mean:

Marketing Assistant. The beginning position, which may include the performance of various marketing tasks – from helping to prepare content for social networks, newsletters or website, to conducting marketing research, for example, analyzing competitors on the Internet.

PPC Manager or Specialist. Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is one of the main components of digital marketing. Such a specialist will customize contextual advertising, monitor performance and optimize advertising campaigns for specific business goals.

SEO Specialist. Search Engine Optimization specialist will be engaged in setting up and optimizing the results of the company’s website in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Their task is to make the site attractive for search, to raise the position in the results as high as possible and at the same time make the content relevant for users.

Community or Social Media Manager. Community managers follow the development of social networks. Position requires an understanding of how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Linkedin works. Most often this is creative work, in terms of creating visual content.

Content writer or Copywriter. Copywriters create content for different online marketing channels. These can be brochures or PDF presentations, articles for a blog, texts for websites, etc. They must be able to properly represent the product or service of the company and have a passion for text. Good knowledge of written English is required.

Email Marketer is creating email newsletters for companies. Such a role may require both creative writing skills and design of future letters, as well as technical skills for setting up campaigns, conducting A/B testing and analyzing effective newsletters.

Marketing Data Analyst. Marketing is an art and a science at the same time. Analyzing marketing activities, understanding the effectiveness of advertising channels and website analytics require specialists such as Data Analyst. Analysts translate data into information that helps make the right business decisions in marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing managers expect the development of the company on the Internet, create a digital strategy, media planning and cross-channel management. For this position, most often looking for experienced professionals.

As you can see, digital marketing is a vast, dynamic and interesting field. Professions differ in both function and experience requirements.

How to become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

If you want to get the maximum effect in a short time, we recommend that you undertake professional training. In just one year, a practical study will allow you to become a digital marketing specialist.

You can study digital marketing at the private institute NZIE in Auckland with their unique Diploma In Digital Marketing (Level 7) programme. Learn the principles of digital marketing, working with content and media, the basis of design and visualization, website development and promotion, mobile and email marketing, social media and data analysis. 

All learned skills require practice and it is work that gives you experience and develops your skills. Kiwi Business accepts interns for the unpaid internship with basic and advanced levels of knowledge. For experienced and proven professionals, full-fledged work, career growth and development is possible. Send your CV and portfolio with the subject “Internship in Digital Marketing” to